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SINCE 1975

When George and Elaine Saragas opened Heav’nly Donuts in Methuen MA in 1975 they had a vision.

They wanted to provide their customers with the best coffee and donuts available…and to do so at the lowest prices and with the best service possible.

Over 40 years later, family-owned and operated, Heav’nly Donuts continues to serve their loyal customers the high quality baked goods and freshest coffee available…with the best service around.

George’s brother and sister-in-law, Pat and Vasso Saragas, followed the Saragas family vision and opened the Bradford, MA Heav’nly Donuts location in 1990. The Bradford donut shop guarantees the same fresh coffee and handmade donuts as the original Heav’nly Donuts.

While the business is constantly growing and expanding into new areas, the original quality has remained exactly the same as it was the day George and Elaine first opened.

Visit one of the donut shops locations to see what keeps Heav’nly Donuts customers coming back time and time again…and experience the Heav’nly Donuts difference for yourself.

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HD Donuts.png


Each of our donut shop locations features a large selection of coffee and tea, specialty beverages, and fresh made and glazed donuts and treats. Visit any Heav’nly Donuts location to find our experienced staff rolling, glazing, and hand cutting the donuts and baked goods fresh each day.

The Heav’nly Donuts difference is in our old fashioned donut making and coffee brewing style that customers come back for day after day. The coffee is brewed with no flavor shots to enhance flavor, the donuts are hand-cut and made in each location, and the sandwiches and food are made fresh without processed ingredients.

Heav’nly Donuts is not a chain of coffee shops…

Heav’nly Donuts is where the freshest coffee and donuts in New England can be found!

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