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Coffee Bean Contest Rules:
(the boring stuff)
  1. The contest is ONLY valid in Derry NH Heav'nly Donuts.

  2. Must make a purchase of $25 or more (from Derry NH Heav’nly Donuts) and obtain a receipt.

  3. Use that receipt to write your “coffee bean guess” on.

  4. The necessary information to be eligible is: Name, email, phone number & amount of coffee beans.

  5. Then like us on Facebook:

  6. Then like us on Instagram:

  7. Enter as many times as you like with new purchase receipts.

  8. Winners will be announced on Sunday 4/30/2023.

  9. 2 runner-up winners will receive a half dozen of the sexiest donuts every weekend until the end of 2023!

  10. The Grand Prize winner will receive a full dozen of the sexiest donuts every weekend until the end of 2023!

  11. Prize winners must agree to allow us to take their picture with thier donuts and also allow Heav'nly Donuts Derry NH to post that picture on our website and social media accounts.

You can also scan here for Facebook and Instagram:

By entering this contest you give Heavn’ly Donuts Derry NH (HD Derry, LLC) the right to send marketing messages. Your information will be entered into our email and SMS marketing.



Photocopying a receipt

Missing any requirements

Contest winners will receive details on how to redeem their donuts.
The maximum amount of free donuts is one prize per weekend.

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